"Tracy Nicole is a dynamic and transformative leader whose passion is evident in all of her projects. She does not hold back and adds value to anything she is involved in. She is a planner and perfecter and will most certainly bring out the best in you!"

Johnnetta K. Shaw

Co-Author/ MTSS Vols. 2&3

" I have been transformed by being a part of the More Than a Single Story Vol. 3 Collective." 

Marion Y. Johnson

Co- Author/ MTSS Vol. 3

Founder, Living Fragrance Ministries 

" Tracy, through The MTSS Collective, gave me a voice" 

Inspiring and uplifting. I'm thankful to have been a part of the project. I really do appreciate it! Thank you!

Latrina Carr

Co- Author/ MTSS Vol. 3

Candice Bowen

Co- Author/ MTSS Vol. 2