Have you thought about what it means to “RISE UP”? Through challenges and life’s circumstances the women in this book have learned to be resilient and fearless in spite of adversity. This is how we define the term “Rise Up.” The co-authors have emptied their hearts onto the pages of this book to assist you with pouring the foundation of your own story. The More than a Single Story Collective (MTSS Collective) is a family of writers who, for six months, supported and encouraged one another to reach writing goals. We are forever connected by our resilience, our grit, and our passion to complete this book with you in mind. 


These women are strong and fearless and within the community, they reminded one another of their power! I have personally been invigorated to continue my vision to empower others to activate their voice, live in their truth, and soar. M. Simone, one of the co-authors, describes what it means to Rise Up when she refers to the “Semi-Colon Project”. A semicolon is used to represent how a story could have ended but didn’t. The symbol, which is tattooed behind her ear, is her reminder to “RISE UP”! After being notified by her doctor that she had a Deleterious Mutation to her BRCA 2 Gene with an 87% chance of developing breast cancer, M. Simone did not think about defeat; she chose victory! She knew that for herself, her daughters, and for the rest of her extended family that “Rising Up” would defeat fear. Eighteen-year-old Poet Jada Carter penned a poem entitled “Unapologetic” that serves as an anthem for women to “Rise Up” and embrace the sisterhood of women! Jada reminds us to “remove the mask of fear and stand firm” in who we are and what we believe.

More Than a Single Story Vol. 2