Wrapping Up More than Gifts

Well, if you’re like the rest of the world, you’re more than likely using your time shopping and wrapping gifts for your loved ones, sweet children, or the company holiday party. However you’re spending your next few weeks, I know for sure you’ll take a minute, sit there, and be in shock at how quickly the year has passed. And in the duration of this year, you’ve experienced life changes, professional shifts, and personal gains. I know for sure, I’ve learned so much this year. From learning how to create firm boundaries to releasing fear about the future, the lessons have been plenty, expansive, and life changing.

Each year should be filled with three things: memories, lessons, and experiences. The December issue of O Magazine reveals Oprah Winfrey's belief that signs fill her with wonder. She shares her belief that life speaks in whispers. When we don't listen, the whispers get louder. As we move into the new decade, the article reminds us that messages unheeded turn into problems and eventually crises. As more articles are being written about the gains of reflecting on the year and listening to your inner voice, I’m doing that here with you reading.

What's whispering to you right now?

19 Lessons I’ve Learned in 2019

1. Following my instincts and trusting my gut is always the way to go. That initial feeling you

have is more than likely the answer to your question or concern. Don’t ignore your internal signals. 2. Listening to your teenagers is a must. If you have teenagers, listen to them. They have taken in all that you have taught them, even if they seem to be ignoring you. You are helping to prepare the table that will feed them in the future.

3. Taking on too much is a big no-no. You may have many visions, but you can only

manifest them if you have a plan. Write down your vision, create your plan, and execute.

4. Caring for yourself is the only way to avoid burnout. It’s so true that you cannot care for

someone else if you don’t know how to take care of yourself.

5. Believing in the opportunities that are in front of you TODAY is how you truly get ahead.

You were made for this moment and the possibilities are endless. Embrace the opportunities in front of your face.

6. Seeing and talking it out in therapy is the answer. Sometimes you need someone to listen as you talk who is not directly connected to your situation. Therapy is worth it.

7. Forgiving someone is not for the other person, it’s for you. Forgive and release the anger

that binds your energy and your spirit.

8. Taking time to think about the moments that shaped your year will make the next year even better. I write these moments on post it notes and tuck them in my planner, on the wall in front of my desk, or on my bathroom mirror. I like to see the good things in my life on a daily basis.

9. Creating a daily motivational plan will your heart and your focus. I use this time to

read my bible, meditate and pray, and say out loud

10. Keeping the main thing at the forefront will help you get through the toughest times.

11. Living your life with passion and faith will carry you even when you think you cannot take

another step.

12. Telling your story is how you inspire others to hope and dream big.

13. Having the courage to think outside the box will reveal the endurance, faith, and

resilience you didn’t realize you had.

14. Tackling one goal at a time will save you time and money.

15. Sitting with yourself a few minutes every day can help you be a better you.

16. Embracing what you’re great at and doing it with your whole heart is the way to success.

17. Loving others for who they are, and not what you want them to be is the greatest gift you

can give to someone.

18. Surrounding yourself with good people will yield good results. You are the company that

you keep.

19. Knowing that even when you make mistakes, a new year is upon us and you can start


Conclusion: When the end is upon us, we must choose to learn before we choose to blame. We have to choose to reflect before we reset. As the new year approaches and a new decade unfolds, take a moment to reflect on the lessons you learned and the ways you have changed.

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See y’all in 2020! Be good & take a good look in the mirror and know that you’ve done amazing this year!



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