My Sister, My Sister


I just watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy that literally confirmed the work of my whole entire heart. Women supporting women. No questions asked. Just there to answer the call because another woman needed the support. Women who LISTENED instead of judged. Women who affirmed and didn’t blame. Women who lifted up and didn’t tear down, who didn’t dismiss, and didn’t push. Women who thought of someone else without question.

Isn’t this what we all need?

I have seen women endure trauma and be bullied by others on social media. By other women. I have seen women living their best life…… so proud of their accomplishments only to be ripped apart. By other women. How many of us have seen other women tear someone else down to lift themselves up?

Why do we do this?

Ridiculing someone because their perspective isn’t yours. Because they don’t believe what you believe. Because their political affiliation is not the same as yours. Because they don’t raise their kids the way in which you raise your kids. Because the color of their skin is not the same as yours. These actions encourage the selfishness that we see on a daily basis.

When will it end?

It’s time to RISE UP! Support your sister. Because you are your sister’s keeper. It’s true that you must encourage yourself, but without your sister, you are nothing. Without each other, we keep struggling. Pray for your sister, and lift her up. She needs you to survive.

Alone is truly faster, but together…we make it further. I love you sis.

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