I am Tracy Nicole, also known as TraSpeaks!

I am an educator, coach, author, and speaker passionate about creating authentic and inclusive spaces for others to reach their goals. I have worked in higher education for over 15 years and have always loved storytelling. It is how I connect with the students that I serve! 


What I know for sure is this: 

  1.  Everyone has a story to tell.

  2. Your passion will reveal your purpose.

  3.  Building your tribe creates your legacy.

  4. You can achieve your goals.

  5.  Service is pure joy!

Say this OUT LOUD- MY STORY HAS POWER! (then say it again.....and again. ) 


What I know for sure is that you will be inspired to make room for your gifts! ! I tell my clients often, "Your story has the power to break down barriers, and inspire others to hope!" 

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