Introducing TNB Coaching and Consulting!  
 Hello, Hello, Hello!
I am so excited to introduce a NEW endeavor into the Tracy Nicole Brand family of services: Tracy Nicole Brand (TNB) Coaching and Consulting.  
With care and support, the TNB team will  coach you through the process of moving beyond fear so that you can tell your story and  reconcile your past.....all in the name of healing.  
Only YOU have the POWER to do this. 
We know that when you embrace the process, you tap into your full potential, strengthen your your core (values),  and focus your mission.The thrill of leading women on their journey of self reflection and awareness is PURE JOY for the TNB team. 
We will use the principles below as pillars to support your self reflection/journey:
  • Telling your story
  • Creating your core circle/tribe
  • Finding your passion,
  • Serving the community
If you are interested in a complimentary affirmation session with Coach Tracy, click the button below to set up a meeting! 
The world is waiting on you! 
Coach Tracy "TraSpeaks"  Stokes