The Tracy Nicole Brand (TNB) , and all subdivisions, affirms its commitment to recognizing, addressing and eradicating  all forms of racism and oppression.  The TNB staff affirms our identity as an antiracist business, and will not engage in collaboration with organizations who do not openly express their commitment to equity and inclusion.

We believe: 

  1. Unless we ALL are free from oppression and racism, NONE OF US ARE FREE! This includes racism, sexism and any other "ism"  or "phobia" that marginalizes any human being. We are LIGHT and our mission is to GO AND TEACH- Matthew 28:19-20.  That's it.....that's all. 

  2. That in order to engage in the work of eradicating anti-racist thinking and/ or behavior, one must engage in ongoing collaboration and conversation with individuals and organizations who build their businesses on these same principles. All money IS NOT good money. No hard feelings if you are not in line with our stance. We wish you well in all that you do!

  3. In order to change the narrative, we must CHANGE THE SYSTEM. We understand that this will take courage, respect, and compassion. Don't worry........we have time. 

We stand committed to contribute to the uplifting and empowerment of ALL clients, future clients,  partners, and affiliates to tell their story well . We WILL NOT tolerate ANY form of hate speech and will IMMEDIATELY call it out. The TNB focuses on engaging and collaborating in teaching, service, and community building and challenging oppressive and unjust systems.   

If you have any questions about this statement, please email 

In Service, 


Tracy N. Stokes, M.Ed.

Owner/ Founder, The Tracy Nicole Brand